A ROOM BY THE SEA A woman leads an isolated, but contented existence in her coastal apartment. She finds peace in the nuance of small details and takes time to reflect on her journals. She poeticises her experience of watching the sea and the sky change tone and colour day after day from her window. But she never leaves the interior space. Who is she?

The title reflects Virginia Woolf’s essay ‘A Room of One’s Own’ which discusses the need for female creativity to thrive in a safe, private space of one’s own where it can be cultivated and nutured. The interior space of the home is warm and encased, womb-like. Out there the great expanse of ocean, and what it means to look out upon it. 
Director, Writer, Editor : Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Jed Darlington-Roberts
Cast: Roisin Monaghan 
Grade: Daniel Beddoe
Filmed in Margate, Kent

Coming Soon - WIP In Festival Circuit

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