DRIVE ON “we leave it all by the waste side...”. The incredible lead singer of Anteros, Laura Hayden, came to me for a driven, commentary charged video  that echoed previous anti-plastic campaigns I had created. Concerned about the overwhelming use and presence of plastic in our daily lives, the band wanted to create an evocative and attention raising video that was equally playful and true to themselves as it was reflective of current social issues. We used only old pre-used plastic and collected various clear plastics over the course of 3 weeks to create a compelling and visually striking video, DP’d by the brilliant Ezequiel Romero and lit incredibly by the talented gaffer Giovanni Matei.  

Directed by: Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Ezequiel Romero
Gaffer: Giovanni Matei
AC: Ben Montgomery
Grade: Ezequiel Romero
Choreography: Simon Donnellon
Focus Puller: Aristide Russo
Hair: Christine Brancato
MUA: Dominic Skinner @Mac
Dancer: Robin Dobler