Down 2 “‘Down 2’ is a kind of angry love song. It’s about wanting someone to give a shit but also wanting theopposite of that. The conflict of greedy emotions; you’re totally down and miserable when they’re around, but you also want them there because you realise that the problem might be a bit more deeprooted”
“I enjoy the feel of soil underneath my feet. It reminds me of a reflexologist that used to treat my brother Isaac, she told me to walk with the soil beneath my soles under the light of a full moon to ground myself. I tried it once or twice but it only made me feel cold and uncertain.”
We filmed this on a shoestring with a minimal team in beautiful coastal Suffolk.
Producer Director: Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Carter Hewlett
AC: Rob Hayward
Grade: Michael Pearce
Actress: Thea Mcphill