CRESCENT MAN VS DEMOLITION DAN The depressing demolition of a quaint, creative street in Cardiff to make way for yet another budget hotel and car park is the root of this video for Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard. Touching on the death of music venues and the destruction of small-owned businesses by the faceless world of NCP car parks, soulless modernist buildings and insurance firms.

BUZZARD personify CRESCENT MAN and DEMOLITION DAN as superheroes and villains. Filmed on-location in Cardiff, we actively create a connection between the actual story behind the lyrics, and a symbolic, playful exploration of the characters CRESCENT MAN & DEMOLITION DAN. Gwdihŵ, welsh for OWL, was a popular bar on the now extinct corner of the street. So Crescent Man fights with his owl sidekick. The main action takes place in Guilford Crescent, the street in question that is at the cusp of being demolished, it’s facade held up scaff-poles.

Everywhere has a TO-LET sign. Is it the corporate power or the every-man that wins?
Director : Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Morgan Sinclair
Editor: Vasilisa Forbes
Grade: Brett Rayner
1st AC: Rob Hayward
2nd AC: Chelsea Bernard
Producer: Vanessa Mcdowell
Commissioner: Chris Scott
Label: Communion Records