MOTIONS is the first video in the Cassia ‘Why You Lacking Energy’ series. Cassia search for life-fuel in the form of Motion Energy Drink, in a world where humanity has exhausted itself with constant uploading. Now due to fatigue, the world is parched of energy and fuel. The fictional ‘Motions’ is the only way to stay energised, but constant top-ups are essential and lead to quick dependency. A conflicted relationship with the world we’re creating?
Director/Editor:  Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Ezequiel Romero
1st AC: Sofia Nicolini
2nd AC:  Andrea Yoko
VFX: Laura Gámez
Grade: Brett Rayner
MUA: Beautyventura
Stills: Sebastian Berthold
Styling: Tabeah Berler
Production Support: Marian @Lobos Surf
Equipment: Alventio Video
Truck: Toni Costa