In the video for Sleep, Dawson and Conducta appear against a colourful array of retro backdrops, both seemingly unable to have anything except each other on their minds.
Speaking on the video, director Vasilisa Forbes said: “Once you open up the Pandora's box of green-screen you really can take it anywhere. Looking at Conducta's style and ouvre, a vintage and lo-fi look felt key, and added a quirk and uniqueness to green-screen allowing it to be super mad/kitsch/funky using old skool found footage. Gil, Conducta's manager, and Conducta himself had some great ideas for where he could appear in the green screen world. We were all pretty excited to see him sleeping atop a mountain, meanwhile Liv was getting funky with the milk. It was such a vibrant set to be on."“It was jokes filming on the green screen with Liv,” Conducta adds. “we had lots of fun playing our little parts and was great to work with a director who was up for us experimenting with our stupid ideas!” Dawson was also enjoying the vibe on set: “We had such a good time making this video, the concept and aesthetics are both amazing! The king of UKG Conducta makes it all so much fun and effortlessly easy.”
Directed edited - Vasilisa Forbes
DOP - Joel Stagg

Label: 2TE Management 
Gil @ Supernature