Soothsayers: Dis and Dat
Although a moving political message underlines the theme in this track, Dis & Dat is not a lesson in politics or socio-economics, but rather a theme to bring us together in a difficult era. Quotes from two Jamaican greats - “Sharpen the small axe, cut the big tree, the hotter the battle, the sweeter the victory“ - reignite hope in the power of human action and resistance via some uplifting big Afro grooves. Universal themes of overcoming adversity and differences form the foundations of the visual message, with prosperous youth learning how best to grow a plant becoming the symbol for strength, hope and positivity irrespective of life’s challenges.  
Director, Editor - Vasilisa Forbes
DOP - Ezequiel Garcia Romero
Gaffer - Giovanni Mattei
AC - Charlotte Maxwell

Girl - Ailsa Hatchett
Boy - Elijah Clarke