DEAL WITH IT This is GIRLI at her finest - powerful, bold, confident and real. We wanted to create a complete focus on GIRLI in the latest release without any distracting elements, and get across GIRLI’s brilliantly vibrant and honest personality. ‘Deal with it’ is a shout out to all those trying to make a stand and a difference and being true to who they are, without bowing to external pressure. We showcase three faces of GIRLI in three bold set ups created by the brilliant Scarlet Winter echoing the impactful sets seen in Tim Walker’s work, and the use of fish eye. My art direction inspiration derived from fashion sources, confined spaces and use of slogans as seen in Barbara Kruger’s work, which Scarlet helped bring to life in our Deal With It black and white slogan cube - which sets the initial tone of the video and ‘tells it how it is’! We had great fun picking out styling that corresponded to our three worlds, and played with text, mixed media and vibrant colours. 

Production: Gas & Electric
Director & Editor : Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Ruaraid Achilleos-Sarll
1st AC: Bradley Stearn
2nd AC: Ashton Born
Grade: Vasilisa Forbes
Gaffer: Kieran Brown
Set Design: Scarlet Winter
Grade: Alex Gregory @ The Mill
Stylist: Coline Bach
Glam Team: Sonia Bhogal, Brady Lea
Choreo: Stuart Rog
Commissioner: Emily Sonnet