Georgia Twinn embraces chaos in Vasilisa Forbes' destructive promo for You Shouldn't Have F****d With Me.
Paying homage to iconic TV ads and MTV-era music videos, the concept follows Georgia as she wanders around an enclosed white set, destroying any obstacle in her path.
Flickering with black strobes and overwhelmingly vibrant red lights, the aesthetic is bold, highlighting the same features in the artist's performance.
If I were you, I wouldn't f**k with Georgia Twinn either.
Production company: LowkeyFilms - Connor O’Hara
Producer: Dayo Mashood
Director : Vasilisa Forbes
Creative: Josh Mansell
AD: Joe Starrs
Creative Direction: Courtney Mc
DOP: Carter Hewlett
Gaffer: Leo Olesker
Editor: Vasilisa Forbes
Grade: Michael Pearce @ The Wash 
Set Designer: Isabel Forbes
Stylist: Nick Royal