HOT MESS! Taking cues from the dynamism and brazen attitude of female front-women of the late punk and post-punk era, the Hot Mess video calls upon the bold and progressive performances of Joan Jett, Patti Smith and Peaches as key inspiration, with their 'DIY' and free-thinking, forward-looking and brilliantly feminist stride. I was inspired by GIRLI's powerful lyrics, which call for a self-driven revolution, to recreate a current take on the punk attitude of the 70s-80s, reverting to the 4:3 screen and vintage grade and filmic style to play homage to the intensity of punk film-making, with quick zooms and tilted angles.
Director : Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Richard Bell
Editor: Alysha Kostamo-Mao
Grade: Vasilisa Forbes
1st AC: Tanmoye Khan
Assistant Producer: Phoebe Rockall
Set Design Assistant: Jade Findlater
Stylist: Jamie Jarvis
Runner: Summer Sterling