MR 10PM Bedtime: Hot Pink, wild and powerful: its GIRLI! In this exuberant studio video, we built a two room set up, split by a prop-wall through which Girli inevitably breaks through to meet her alter-ego; the quiet, reserved yet equally unique ‘Grey Girli’ - the anithesis of Girli’s colour-filled vibrant, playful and empowered world. It is a world of opposites: the bold vs the contained, freedom vs uniformity, which will flourish? 
Using colour to define the two opposing rooms, we went all-out on the ultra ‘pinkness’ of Girli’s original room, and completely desaturated the Grey Girli, creating a starkness between the two worlds when shown in widescreen diptych form. No green screen was used, Girli really did have to meet her nemesis...
<Made on a 5K budget!
Director and Editor: Vasilisa Forbes
Producer: Jesus Rubio
DOP: Federico Rea
Gaffer: Andrei Lionachescu
Set design: Clarissa Livock
Set Assistant: Amanda Ljunggrens
Production assistants:
Sam Grant
Kostas Voukelatos
Assistant AD: Marloes Haarmans
1st AC: Charlotte Maxwell
Stylist: Jamie Jarvis
Hair: Elliot McQueen
Make up: Sonia Bhogal