YOUNG Being young is a bumpy ride - an emotional highway, the constant battle between you and the outside world, trials and tribulations of love, new friendships, discovering and honing your identity, sexuality, persona, style and desires. It's a drive towards the future. I wanted to create a playful buzzy video with an emotional journey for Girli, where the problems and joys of being young and free played out in a quirky confined setting. Girli initiated this awesome idea of being an uber-driver-like character, who was an observer into the lives and emotions of the cities youth, and we took it for a ride through the iconic streets of London in a light homage to the film 'night on earth'.

Producers: Gas & Electric
Director : Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Howard Mills
Editor: Alysha Kostamo-Mao
Grade: Alex Gregory @ The Mill
Stylist: Phoebe Lettice
Glam Team: Eliot Mcqueen, Sonia Bhogal
Agent: OB
Commissioner: Emily Sonnet