Love Goes On Hannah and I wanted to create a video that was bold and minimal and led all focus back to Hannah; allowing for  performance video directness, echoing her artwork in its look and style, and featuring Hannah with naturalistic attention to her performance. We looked at which emblems could evoke the mood in the song, it’s slowly building energy and dreamy vocals felt like a dark and glittering space, so we featured Hannah against a deep black with glimmering diamond-moments created in-camera. The symbol of falling petals and purple tones was a direct and immediate reaction to the theme of problematic Love, and Hannah chose the Dior Mirror-ring as the motif and symbol for this release. Building on the purple, roses and glittering diamonds theme, Hannah’s creativity pushed this video into a new unique place by using a frame within a frame, placing the video back within the Dior ring almost in the style of a music box.

Director: Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Carter Hewlett
AC: Christopher J Orr
Gaffer: Matthew Bohun
Grade: Michael Pearce
VFX: Aaron Chan
Styling - Lauren Anne Groves
Styling Assistant - Filippo Sandini
Makeup - Hatti Rees
BTS - Izzy Eyres