“Director Vasilisa Forbes effectively sets the vibe for the lead single off the UK producer’s forthcoming album Silent Stars, a full-length dedicated to the nocturnal hours; a night-time drive along the house music highway. Forbes had this to say about the video:

“The darkness and tense rhythmic quality of ‘Crave’, along with the loss-tinged lyrics, lent the atmosphere a cold, robotic quality. It was that which inspired me to create a brooding fantasy tale; a female-sexuality focused revenge story, told through the female gaze, which has become a key topic of mine as a director. The constant, metronome-like beat meant the subject had to be clock-work: a robot, clock-work doll or wind-up machine, with a dark inner life.”
From High Snobiety

Director: Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Jacky Teboul
Gaffer/Lighting: Chris Perry Assistant
Editor: Alysha Kostamo
Make Up: Emese Kenez
Lead Actress: Fede Molotov
Lead Guy: Matthew Faucher
Girlfriend: Erica Gens
Singer: Florence Rawlins
Bar Clientele:
Rosa Didonna
Kelly Glardon, Kirki Gini
Tuncay Gunes, Alex Minney
Roxan Kevill, Carlos Borras