Me Myself and I Independent, defiant, slick and empowered; Lily says ‘Bye-Felipe’ to those pestering guys. It is time to stand up solo and proud, and let them know she’s not taking any bulls*t. With an all-white, slick and sci fi environment, Lily is centre-focus against a white infinity curve that echoes the theme for her single release. With minimal setting and choreography, she shines bold and confident. Lilys multiples flank her like guards, a symbol for her protecting herself, and putting the ‘I’ first, as the track develops in confidence so does the amount of her multiples, echoing her movements back to the viewer and to those stalkers who should know better.
We highlighted every clone individually, shot in position to match lighting spill, and generated the clone patterns quite simply in Premiere. Shot on a micro budget.
Director : Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Carter Hewlett
Editor: Vasilisa Forbes
Grade: Dominic Phipps @ Framestore
1st AC: Rob Hayward
Gaffer: Simon Battensby
MUA: Brooke Lee
Commissioner: Murray Curnow @ Wildlife Entertainment