RUN x Asics and Linguistics
Max (Linguistics) based the lyrics of his brilliant track on his recent experiences: his isolation in the recording studio prompted him to re-asses the way he scheduled his days, and having met the Run Dem Crew, Max found not just a solid group and a good work-out, but a family, that supported him through his ups and downs and injury.
We reworked Max’s story into a visual narrative, where our lead Tia embodied Max’s tale, alongside the real running crew who were there for rebuilding Max in his time of need. Family, sport and community. 
Sportswear by Asics. 
Producers: AEI Group and Vasilisa Forbes
Director, Editor, Grade : Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Gasa Kenny
AC: Tinto c/o Gasa Kenny
2nd AC and Focus: Tristram Kassam
Brand: Asics
Assistant: Shahreen Vayani
Actress Lead: Tia Costell
Runners: Run Dem Crew
Commissioner: Leanne Josephs