Ride This Train. From a lost place of gentle vulnerability, Millie awakens in an undefined landscape, growing and powering through the push and pull of external forces, to a final sense of unity, sisterhood, freedom and future empowerment. Through symbolic suggestions we see Millie’s thoughts and fears represented by an ensemble of dancers embellished in colourful fabric who act as her antagonists, the forces of her internal mind creating friction, each colour being a symbol for another source of restriction.
Their mouths covered, they are muted, silenced, repressed. The wind echoes the sense of journey, the movement is repetitive. But as Millie grows in strength, she unites with her antagonists, the colourful fabric at first a repressive force starts to be tender, and powerful, and the bandages come off.
Set against the eroding landscape of Covehithe beach, a magical and wild place that signifies the eroding of nature, time and our fragile existence.
Director : Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Ezequiel Romero
Editor: Vasilisa Forbes
Grade: Alex Gregory @ The Mill
1st AC: Edward Vijay
Focus: Rob Hayward 
MUA: Ema Tiller-Cordy
Emma Holt
Louisa Sutherland
Imogen Hunte
April Gunewardena