SWIMMING POOL “Skies reaching far and we arch our backs
So we can see them go further”
Millie wanted to show a sense of youth overcoming oppression in our modern world, but without showing this literally, developing a symbolic build up and showcasing a fluid and natural performance.
Millie floats in an existential underwater world, existing in an imagined space, and struggling within it, sinking deeper, until she is saved by a new force. This force is an interpretation of her alter-ego, another Millie, and though the alter-ego pulls her out of the floating world, they seem to descend further, oppressed by ropes and unseen forces. They are stuck in a world beneath the water, at first discovering each other and the battling the forces around them, until they find freedom in the place within which they exist.  
Dir: Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Ezequiel Romero
Dancer: Naomi Weijand
Gaffer: Giovanni Mattei
AC: Anil Duru
MUA: Billie McKenzie
Location: Under The Water Media, Soundstage Studio
Grade: Alex Gregory @ The Mill
Colour Producer: Charlie Morris @ The Mill