SUNSHINE STATE PIXEY revels in the chaos of summer. This is all about the giddy feeling of freedom and letting go, embracing the sunshine. The pace of the track felt like a hyperlapse motion, a constant sense of movement and exchange, like the rhythm of a swing. I imagined Pixey swinging constantly, echoing a 90s editorial of Bjork situated in a playground. I wanted to connect to iconic 90s Brit Pop moments and Bjork moods - lush grass, pylons, quintessential ‘British streets’.
Director : Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Morgan Sinclair
Editor: Vasilisa Forbes
Grade: Brett Rayner
1st AC: Chelsea Bernard
Focus: Juan Minotta
Producer: Poppy Ashton
Stylist: Charlotte Roberts
MUA: Alice Dodds
Stills: Nick Ilott
Driver: David Burridge