Set in a the dramatic red-world of a theatre, CLEAN is all about the contrast between the intimate backstage world, (the inner-self) and ‘putting on a show’. Heather in the backstage world is in a surrealist realm of Hollywood Glamour and cabaret inspired decor - satin and drapes and styled in pearls / long gloves, dramatic dress.

The backstage world is the intimacy and privacy of your own thoughts - the beauty of preparation, the ‘talking to yourself in the mirror’. Then Heather and the band are taken into the bright-harsh lights of the stage - the need to put on a show.We  showcase the feeling of conflict between on-stage and off- stage. The private vs the public - the public persona onstage where there’s the need to be perfect and ‘clean’ vs the true-to-life realities of fame.

Back-stage we are inspired by the look of old-hollywood glamour and cabaret, the femme-fatale. Our surrealist, key moment is an ‘America beauty’ sequence - a fantasy dream sequence of red rose petals falling onto Heather, suggesting her status as an icon 


Director, Editor: Vasilisa Forbes
Executive Producer: Vanessa Mcdowell
Producer: Alessia Lendrum
Production Manager: Ella Ezeike 
1st AD: Josh Jacob
DOP: Ruaraid Archilleos 
1st AC: Ernest Tu
2nd AC: Joel Spence
Production: Lowkey Films
Rigger: Danny Grove
Gaffer: Tom Nowell
Spark: Andy Gonsalves and Josie Rafter 
Art Direction / Set Designer: Isabel Asina
Assistant Set Designer: Sam Storey
Hair: @elliebondhair
Make up: @beckimakeup
Colourist: Daniela Rotaru at Glassworks
Studio: Rivoli Ballroom