SO GROWN UP! Phoebe and her best friend Izzy relive poignant teenage nostalgia as they navigate the moody streets of their childhood home, Blackpool, re-enacting memories from their youth. The tender and mature lyrics reflect on their experience of heartbreak, the pain of reality and the desire to remain youthful indefinitely. I wanted to retain a warm bittersweet glow of childhood nostalgia, whilst pairing this with the brutalist, coastal arcade mania of Blackpool, with its contradictory scenery. I aspired to give this a  ‘coming-of-age’ narrative grit whilst allowing for intimate portraits of Phoebe and Izzy with an innocent gaze. 

Director : Vasilisa Forbes
Producer: Michael Newton
Executive Producer: Vanessa Mcdonnell
DOP: Morgan Sinclair
AD: Danny Stoker
Grade: Katie Dymmock @ Coffee & TV
1st AC: Chelsea Bernard
2nd AC: Laura Guilera
Stylist: Ailsa Chaplin
MUA: Maria Mclenaghan
Cast: Phoebe, Izzy, Beth Mckenzie, Katie Ire, Michael Malak