This short abstract film is an allegorical delve into the presentations surrounding female desire, a gaze at the dialogue and presentation of female desire in present and historical context.
A young woman’s exploration of her own desire, is still caught in a double bind, of young adult female sexuality in patriarchal society - the paradox that surrounds female sexuality which calls for her to be passive but at the same time demands that she participate in her own objectification.
Desire and fetishisation, inward commentary, as she peers into her own fears and understanding of the self, reflecting on the dichotomy of the woman as either one thing or the other, overcoming the tropes of identity as victim vs agent; “dislocating this “within”, to explode it, turn it around, and seize it; to make it mine.”
Directed by: Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Jackie Teboul
Sound: Florian Sauvaire and Chris Lockington
Grade: Michael Pearce