URODA: Earth is woman.  URODA means both ‘Goddess of Agriculture & ploughed land’ in Slavic paganism, and equally translates as the word ‘ugly’ in the Russian language.
Humanity’s overwhelming of the natural resources of the planet and the industrial world has affected not only the health of us and the planet body but the psyche and psychology of what it means to be alive. In Uroda, the ‘goddess of agriculture’ is presented in a host of natural landscapes which are essential to human consumption and utility - the farmed field, the woodland forest, the power cables and crop fields. But where the crops should rise strong, they wilt and perish, the ploughed field is barren, and the forest wood tarnished.
Uroda draws parallels between the human body and the surrounding environment. How the female presence is both mother nature embodied, and a symbol for the interconnectedness of everything; our human roots in nature, how we are made of the environment and the land around us, how we survive from it - to display how inseparable the two are, we cannot survive one without the other. We, as a species, cannot survive without our planet. 
Directed by: Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Oscar Oldershaw
AC: James Willmott
MUA: Daisy Oldershaw
Styling: from Hundred Showroom & I.dea PR
Actress: Franzine Maria
Sound: Florian Sauvaire & Chris Lockington
Music: Deafkid Band
Grade: Michael Pearce