The video for LUCY is a journey through worlds, inspired by the idea of jumping head first into a book, Ethan takes the plunge into a variety of paper-cut and collage style worlds that create a dreamscape of colours, and illustrative style landscapes that traverse from cute mountains to snow to space. I had such fun creating these worlds by hand from digital and real-life paper-cut collages and exploring colours, different visual styles patterns and destinations, that all feel as though a world within a book, like he's literally entered the pages and taken a walk amongst illustration and paper trees, whilst toying with the sun and the planets. The ethereal and obscure 'LUCY' is more of a spirit than anything else, a symbol for adventure and keeping a sense of wanderlust and wonderment.
Producers: Gas & Electric
Director & Animator : Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Ruaraid Archilleos-Sarl
Stylist: Phoebe Butterworth
Grade: Alex Gregory @ The Mill
Agent: OB
Commissioner: Dominic Mckiernan