Miss Red: DAGGA
She packs the power. Released on The Bug’s label pressure. We initially shot this in colour, but The Bug (Kevin Martin) pushed us to see a much darker path in grainy, stripped back BW - and he was right; Miss Red gives us force, such strength, it needs only the barest essentials to showcase it. 
An anarchic feminist narrative underlines this video, with Miss Red breaking free of her symbolically alien
patriarchal figure who attempts to suppress her in brutality. But her sexual energy and insect-spider-like power punches through literally/figuratively . In the end his hold is reversed, and like the venus fly-trap she encases him in her sticky inner web. 
Vasilisa Forbes - Director Editor
David Cawley - DOP
Peter Panoa - Lighting Assistant
Lydia Karagiannopoulous - MUA
Danny Shooter - Man