THE BUG ‘BAD’ ft Flowdan 
When I heard the stomping, powerful bass line of the track and the dark, tense energy, I knew it suited something visually tense, heavy, moody and truly 'London'. Flows lyrics drew upon his past - growing up in the dark streets of E8, and it made sense to visualise him as a young bad-boy, who already displays inner strength and power against all odds. Our protagonist at the start of the video carries that crazy, wild-eyed vibe, and the on-the-beat, erratic and crazy edits mess with the viewers head just like Flowdan messes with the public in the streets.

Talking to The Bug about the lyrics and sonic meaning in the track, it made sense to get that feeling of mischief, anarchy and street punk with Flowdan leading us through that Hackney streets, music as his weapon. He blasts the track through the city, the Boombox being the lead protagonist just like Flow, as we see it supposedly 'over the years' - a bad-boy since day one, and the power of sound to evoke reaction and inner emotion.
Director: Vasilisa Forbes (
Editor: Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Josh Birch using Red Scarlet
First AC - Tristam Kassam
2nd AC - Jonny Cliffe
3rd AC - Ryan Hooker

Brooklyn Appiah as Young Flowdan
Ethan Hart
Baxter Willoughby
Chanel Brown
Zarine Murray
Lanre Danmola
Lemmar Reid

Label: Ninjatune