London Love My guy from Stokey Would try and keep it lowkey, My guy from Peckham Would always put me second”
Travelling across 20 boroughs of London, we encounter the various boys and localities that make up Weslee’s playful and romantic London Love lyrics. A love-letter to London and its diverse scope of areas, buildings, aesthetic atmosphere, streets, styles and most crucially... fellas! From the iconic brutalist Trellick Tower to the much-photographed Tower Bridge, the shops of Peckham and the Eel and Pie house of Hackney, London is showcased in all its naturalistic glory alongside the boys that reflect the mood of each area. 
Director Editor: Vasilisa Forbes
DOP: Carter Hewlett
Grade: Carter Hewlett
Stills: Prexa Shresta 
Focus: Rob Hayward 
Assistant: Bella Cristerna
Production Assistant: Shahreen Vayani
Driver: Warren Spencer
MUA: Helen Asher
Weslee Styling: Lucy Upton-Prowse