“Witches” is the latest single off Adam Prince King’s forthcoming debut EP, out via Little Assembly.
This self-produced single is original as it is haunting. “It’s my favourite track from the EP as it has lots of unexpected twists and turns, it’s pop, but there definitely is a wonky element to it,” says King.
The song pays tribute to the eerie and mysterious side of Halloween, utilizing howling melodies and multiple intoxicating rhythms to draw listeners into its trance. Inspiration for this song came straight from the artist’s dreams
Directed by: Vasilisa Forbes
Cinematography: Gasa Kenny
Edited by: Alysha Kostamo-Mao & Adam Prince King
Makeup by Emese Kenez
Styling Assistant for Adam Prince King: Sammy Harkin
Ju Sofia Prata
Beth Shenton
Alysha Kostamo-Mao
Miyuki Watanabe